ZNE/MelRok/LBNL/Pomona team awarded $2.5M CEC ACCO-BEMS contract

The California Energy Commission published today its Notice of Proposed Award for Phase 1, Groups 1-4 of GFO-16-304 – Emerging Energy Efficient Technology Demonstrations (EEETD). The awardees included a proposal for Automated Cloud-based Continuously-Optimizing Building Energy Management System, ACCO-BEMS, authored by a MelRok team.

The MelRok team includes Zero Net Energy Alliance (ZNE), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, E3, and Pomona College. The ACCO-BEMS project consists of using the MelRok platform to automatically and continuously optimize the Building Energy Management Systems of 10 buildings at Pomona College. Cloud-optimization of buildings is expected to yield 20% energy savings.

[ Click here for more information on the CEC notice of awards ]

MelRok is the developer of an integrated secure real-time energy optimization and demand management platform.