MelRok is the easiest to deploy facility and energy IoT platform. The turn-key solution transforms legacy assets into smart systems that reduce operating costs, enable energy cost reduction and supply optimization, extend equipment life, and improve tenant comfort. Make the most of your existing assets, at one building or across a whole enterprise, and avoid costly and unnecessary hardware upgrades and excessive implementation labor expenses.

Use MelRok’s platform as the foundation of your projects and services. Quickly collect all the data you need at a low cost, making your job faster and less risky. We’ve solved the difficult data acquisition challenges to let you focus on delivering value to your clients. Embed the platform at your customer’s site to offer post-commissioning service to your customers and sustain performance.

  • Quickly connect to any building system
  • Stream data in real time, access it using our secure APIs
  • Deploy advanced fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) for continuous commissioning, without the deployment headaches

Move from schedule-based operations to condition-based maintenance with the most complete facility and energy IoT platform on the market. Deploy quickly so you can focus on managing facilities, not managing data and installation jobs. Consolidate BMS data from multiple vendors into one platform for easy access, visualization, fault detection and demand response. Eliminate the need for expertise across multiple BMS platforms.

  • Deploy fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) solutions to constantly monitor key systems like HVAC
  • Use anomaly detection solutions to identify issues based on real-time energy data
  • Integrate with work order management systems to ensure that identified issues are addressed in the normal flow of business

MelRok’s platform is a natural extension to building automation systems, smart equipment, and other products and services.

  • Real time streaming of equipment vital signs to the cloud to remotely monitor assets to ensure their health and effectiveness
  • Cloud storage of equipment data
  • Cloud-based equipment performance monitoring and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) to add value to existing service offerings