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Cloud Connection to Self Driving Building™

We gather and store facility related data every minute.

  • Utility & Sub Meters
  • Building Management Systems &  Controllers
  • IoT Sensors and Other Smart Devices like Thermostats, Smart Inverters, EV Chargers


We continuously analyze the data to identify problems.

  • Equipment Failures
  • Systems Inefficiencies
  • Anomaly Detection


We take automated action to help solve problems.

  • Integrate With Work Order Systems
  • Automated Demand Response
  • Energy & Demand Optimization

What You Get

With our Platform (PAAS) and software (SAAS) you will have features for managing, tracking, reporting, analyzing and delivering energy information - usage pattern and data. With the Gateway providing real-time information regarding coordinated remote control and measurement of distributed energy resources you will be able to identify energy waste, costs and carbon emissions, peak load management, evaluation of energy efficiency improvement measures across similar load types; setting of thresholds for alerts and notification of unforeseen energy behavior and tracking of specific equipment efficiency.

Data Driven Insights

Operational Efficiency

Automated Action

Corporate Responsibility


Energy Reporting and Trending

A range of reports and visualizations to make sense of complex resource data streams.

Prioritized Notifications

Granular energy data to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to save.

Automated Demand Response

Get paid to reduce energy use a specific times without manual intervention.


Benchmark all your buildings and identify opportunities for improvement.

Measurement and Verification

Automatically validate the payback of energy investments.

Automated Anomaly Detection

Using a real-time, whole building data feed, use our physics-based analytics to identify operational anomalies; spend time fixing issues, before they become major headaches.

Peak Demand Management

Use data and analytics to identify the best opportunities to reduce energy cost and time of use.

Public Disclosure Reporting

Adhere to local reporting regulations and voluntary disclosure mandates quickly and easily.

Asset Performance Monitoring

Extend asset life and reduce unscheduled repairs with advanced analytics.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Up to 30 percent of HVAC energy is wasted due to equipment faults; our pre-configured, out of the box analytics deliver the industry’s lowest set up costs and faster time-to-value.

Dispatchable Demand

Use our gateway, data platform, and cloud-based control to balance demand, grid resources and renewable supply.

Carbon Emissions Inventory

Automatically calculate carbon emissions from portfolio-wide energy data.

Why Choose Us

We have the ingredients needed to successfully deliver for you.


Our Team:
Motivated, Capable, and Dedicated


Our Technology:
Secure, Scalable, and Reliable


Our Solution:
Simple, Cost Effective, and Proven

MelRok is a technology pioneer with three international Patents and six Patents in the U.S. See MelRok's Patent list here.

We assist you in three easy steps with our Self Driving Building™ technology.


The lite version of our Universal Energy IoT Gateway will work in most applications. Advanced, real time electronic transmission of energy information and control data to and from the cloud is available via the Gateway for improved efficiency and functionality.


Choose from Essential solutions focused on energy information to a deep dive into your energy assets with our Energy Aware solutions. For the ultimate in facility and energy management, our Self Driving Buildings™ package is the Holy Grail of the industry.


Reach out to us with your selections or questions and we will get you going in little time. Your facility will be up in minutes within installation of our Plug & Play Gateway. Plug in and enjoy the combined powers of Artificial Intelligence and the IoT.

How We Do It

Connect to Devices We establish 2-way connectivity to devices in your facilities using the MelRok Touch, our patented Universal IoT Gateway. The Touch Gateway connects to devices using their native protocol. Data is collected typically once per minute, and as fast as once per second. The Touch Gateway provides powerful edge computing capabilities that allow us to keep our cloud computing and bandwidth costs at a minimum, which translates to lower-cost services for you.
Secure Upload to Cloud Collected site data is validated, packaged and encrypted by the Gateway before uploading to the Cloud every minute. The Touch Gateway has a built-in firewall and uses 2 nested layers of encryption for the utmost in cyber security. One Touch Gateway can serve a building or a campus. Communication to the cloud can be via the site Ethernet connection or a dedicated 4G broadband connection.
Built-In AI Engines The MelRok cloud comes with built-in artificial intelligence engines that are ready to go out of the box. No consultant services are needed to define thresholds, rules and alerts. The platform ingests raw data and delivers issue-specific actions for fix-it tickets. In addition to the built-in intelligence, the MelRok platform provides multi-level visibility (from portfolio to equipment), unlimited data storage, and secure access to the data via APIs or downloads.
Connection to Self Driving Building™  

MelRok’s creative and innovative team is committed to simplifying the management of building assets by transforming buildings into self-driving systems that make our planet more energy sustainable.  MelRok’s mission is to cloud-manage the assets of commercial buildings and optimize the use, operation and maintenance of these assets.  We aspire to engage with our customers, partners and community to always deliver the utmost in service and value.

The MelRok Board of Directors is made up of industry veterans that are available to provide valuable expertise and guidance to the MelRok team.
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Our team is motivated by the sciences and creating tools to help improve the overall sustainability of buildings.

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How We Support You

Every MelRok deployment includes support directly from our team of experts. We will ensure that you successfully deploy the platform and continue to get value everyday. We also provide robust training during deployment and throughout the life of our relationship to ensure your teams understand MelRok’s platform capabilities and successfully use the technology. Deployed via the cloud, MelRok has an ever-expanding range of capabilities to help operate buildings more efficiently.