We Leverage Human Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and the IoT to Continuously Optimize Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Energy Usage

MelRok continuously optimizes mission-critical energy and HVAC systems and in sophisticated commercial and industrial facilities. Overlaying its engineering analysis prowess on its AI-powered IoT platform, MelRok delivers advanced insights and actionable recommendations for energy management and facility optimization. Backed by nine US patents, MelRok's technology stands at the forefront of innovation in the field, providing facility managers and engineers with a powerful toolkit to enhance energy efficiency, minimize downtime, and maintain peak performance of critical equipment, ultimately ensuring the highest standards of product quality and operational excellence.

The MelRok platform has been deployed in hundreds of buildings including hospitals, pharmaceutical, industrial, casino, museum, academic, research, and commercial buildings.

We collect and save thousands of facility data every minute.


We continuously analyze the data to identify problems.


We work with your team on an ongoing basis to identify, track, and resolve problems.

MelRok specializes in the optimization of mission-critical facilities with sophisticated sequence of operations, central utility plants, multiple heating and cooling systems, advanced energy recovery technologies, stringent environmental requirements, and critical use of energy.

Our Market-specific solutions leverage MelRok's patented IoT technology, cloud-based intelligent algorithms, and a world class engineering team to ensure your building meets its design intent. Whether you are managing a hospital, pharma plant, hotel, casino, industrial facility, campus, museum, or other, we have the right solution for you.

Melrok ensures optimum performance and efficiency of mission-critical systems.

We combine our engineering expertise with our Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) to provide continuous monitoring and optimization of facility systems. The platform delivers continuous visibility into, and automated ongoing commissioning of, all critical systems based on site-specific sequences of operations. Our engineers verify that the facility's design intent is met, all equipment conforms to manufacturers specifications, and the maximum in energy savings is realized.  In addition we work with your team to analyze, track, and resolve energy issues, and implement improvements.

The outcome is reduced energy costs, streamlined maintenance, avoided equipment failures, extended equipment life cycles, and improved occupant comfort

Data Driven Insights

Monitoring based fault detection, ongoing commissioning, and analysis.

Operational Efficiency

Detect operational anomalies, identify the root cause of problems, and remedy issues before they become major headaches.

Corporate Responsibility

Benchmark all your buildings, identify opportunities for improvement, reduce carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

Reduce energy usage, increase operational efficiencies, and minimize expenses.

We are committed to providing you the utmost in customer service, engineering support, data quality, and actionable information. We have the resources, tools, and skills needed to successfully deliver for you.

MelRok is a technology pioneer with nine US Patents and four international patents. See MelRok's Patent list here.