Deliver class-leading occupant comfort while reducing facility and resource costs, curtailing energy demand, and improving equipment reliability. Improve efficiency and operations at all your sites while providing an integrated, enterprise-wide analytics and control solution to all your key stakeholders. Avoid equipment and operational issues that lead to productivity and financial losses. Solutions we provide include:

Data Management

  • Stream BAS/BMS, energy management system, and SCADA data from your facilities and assets to the cloud for analysis and reporting
  • Share your facility and energy data with service providers using automated and secure APIs

Energy Management

  • View detailed, accurate real time energy use and cost by building and systems (HVAC, lighting, plug load)
  • Receive alerts for out-of-boundary energy use, cost, or activity
  • Avoid costly demand charges with data-driven forecasts and automated load curtailment
  • Measure, verify and report the ROI of energy upgrades and investments
  • Comply with LEED Version 4, California Title 24, IPMVP options B and C, and automate the collection and analysis of data for ASHRAE Level 2 audits

Energy Supply Optimization

  • Assess and track performance of your renewable energy projects
  • Forecast long term energy demand based on usage and weather patterns
  • Automate participation in demand response programs

Facility Management

  • Automate building control and avoid expensive BAS deployments.
  • Identify equipment and facility management issues with our easy-to-use facility detection and diagnostics (FDD) and anomaly detection solutions.
  • Automatically integrate with work order management solutions to ensure facilities staff act on the insights

Sustainability Management

  • Benchmark facilities within your portfolio to identify poor performers
  • Automatically calculate carbon emissions for public disclosures
  • Track progress towards reduction targets and goals
  • Calculate complex time-of-use carbon emissions estimates