University of California Partners with MelRok

Dr. Scott Samuelsen, PhD from University of California, Irvine “UCI” and the board of Chancellors of the University of California announce a new Industry Alliance partnership with MelRok and UCI’s Advanced Power and Engineering Program. Dr. Scott Samuelsen, PhD is a chaired University of California professor that heads two US DOE UCI research centers including the Advanced Power and Engineering Program and the National Fuel Cell Research Center. Dr. Samuelsen was awarded the National Presidential Energy Champion award in 2012.

MelRok, led by CEO Dr. Michel Kamel, Ph.D, Stanford is a leading Energy Technology company delivering unparalleled cost effective cloud energy technology for EM&V that reduces Time-of-Use (TOU) and Peak Energy penalty charges. MelRok’s patented EnergiStream Cloud Gateway is an open source technology that transforms raw energy data from Building Energy Management systems, Submeters, Sensors, and utility Smart meters, into actionable steps for unprecedented energy cost reductions.