EnergiStream collects all of the relevant data about your building’s energy use in real time. This involves taking a high definition image of all your building’s distribution boards, circuit panels, energy meters, automation systems and other sensors.





EnergiStream then scans this data and combining it in real time with other environmental, operational, tariff pricing

and utility grid data. This involves applying sophisticated Big Data algorithms to provide you with the clearest possible picture of your building’s energy use and costs.





EnergiStream identifies and prescribes targeted actions for your building’s systems and potential retrofits. This involves showing you how to adjust, shift or shed loads to achieve maximum cost savings and better manage Time of Use (“TOU”), Real Time and Peak Demand tariffs and Automated Demand Response (“ADR”)



is a noninvasive, high-speed energy gateway that accurately measures and communicates your energy use data in real time. It can be configured as an Automated Demand Response client to achieve lowest hourly energy costs.

MelRoK’s EnergiStream gateways collect data from up to 24 CTs, submeters, or sensors per gateway. Gateways can also collect data from existing energy, environmental or other building sensors. Data streams from gateways are sent to the cloud, where they are combined with local weather, local facility occupancy, and local pricing, for analysis and guided reports dispay and archival.


MelRok’s Technology Platform has been accepted by a number of high profile national programs, including a DOE Smart Grid Demonstration project in Irvine and USGBC’s Demand Response Partnership Program. MelRok’s technology conforms with the DIKW knowledge hierarchy.


MelRok’s Technology  was created by a team of scientists from

the nation’s top universities, under the leadership of CEO, Dr. Michel Kamel, a Ph.D. Rocket Scientist from Stanford. Dr. Kamel’s team closely collaborates with energy researchers at UCI, led by Chaired Professor

Dr. Scott Samuelsen, director of two DOE-funded energy laboratories and

a National Energy Champion as designated by President Obama.


MelRok’s Technology  and methods have been accepted, allowed, and are now pending multiple new patents by US and International Patent agencies.